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Today is the day to UPLOAD! Wednesday, April 6th, 2016.

Upload your Infographic/PowerPoint Here as a .png or .ppt: to this link:


Need help? Watch this video!


Day 1:

In the Library 3/24/16, we:
1) Received the paper about the project from Mrs. Wellins.

2) Learned how to access the wiki for our Infographics Project (this wiki)

3) Decided on the Person who would be the
Subject for our Infographic Project (list below)

4) Looked at examples of Biography Infographics (below and here)

5) Talked about the qualities of an Infographic

6) Learned about using the following resources:

7) Watched Mrs. Slim navigate piktochart.com (to create the Infographic)

Followed these Directions
  • Start in Google Docs. Use the Researcher (TOOLS>RESEARCH) to find a headshot of your biography candidate and more links.
  • Download as a Word Doc.
  • Open the Word Doc. Double Click on the Picture.
  • In the Toolbar in Word, click on "Remove Background."
  • Now right-click on the image and save as a .PNG. Use this PNG in your Infographic!
  • Go to piktochart.com and create a free account
  • Select one of these three templates: Infographics, Report, or Presentation
  • Then choose the style of template you want (do not choose a template labeled “Level Up”, you must pay for those)
  • Now create your project!
  • When you are finished, you have THREE things to do:
    • 1) PUBLISH your Infographic in Piktochart.
    • 2) Download the picture as a .PNG and save in your MY DOCUMENTS folder or Google Drive. Save as: PERIOD NUMBER. Last Name. FIRST NAME. BIOGRAPHY CANDIDATE
      • EXAMPLE: 1.Slim.Marie.Adam.Sandler
      • ANOTHER EXAMPLE: 1.Nguyen.Jessica.Elvis
    • 3) Upload the picture (PNG) to THIS LINK! (Edit>File>Upload File>Double Click after Uploaded>SAVE)
  • BEHOLD the majesty of your creation on your page when Slim uploads it!
Day 2

DAY 2 (3/25/16): (ONLY 1st period NOW able to do Google Slides, but SLIM will show you how to format it so it becomes an INFOGRAPHIC).

In Mrs. Wellins' Classroom 3/25/16, we:
1) Opened the Biography Doc from our Google Drive

2) Shared our Google Doc with swellins@ggusd.net and
mslim@ggusd.net with editing privileges.

3) Renamed our doc: PERIOD#.YOURLAST.YOURFIRST.BiographySubjectName

example: 2.Nguyen.Kathy.Benjamin.Franklin
or 5.Smith.Phillip.Genghis.Khan

do NOT worry about it.
You can just use a picture WITH the background.
Just continue with Piktochart and the ChromeBooks.

4) In Google Docs, went to Tools>Research

5) Found the answers to this Information:
  1. Birth and Death
  2. Childhood
  3. Education
  4. Contribution to Society/Invention
  5. Life Events/Experiences
  6. Failures
  7. Achievements
  8. Mentors
  9. Relevance Today
  10. Map or Place of Where they Lived or Worked or Died

6) Found a picture or image for each of the pieces of
information using the Tools>Research method in Google Docs.
We put the images in our Google Doc.

Project Due Date: Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 (Presentations begin)

Biography Candidates
1. Plato - IVAN
2. Aristotle
3. Socrates
4. Jesus - ROBERT
5. Muhammad
6. James I
7. William and Mary - IZMARY
8. Jean-Jacques Rousseau - JESSICA N.
9. Montesquieu
10. Voltaire
11. Thomas Hobbes - LUCKY
12. Mary Wollstonecraft - CAROLYN B.
13. James Madison
14. Thomas Jefferson - TRACY N.
15. Oliver Cromwell
16. Charles I
17. Charles II
18. Louis XVI
19. Marie Antoinette JEFFREY
20. Maximilien Robespierre
21. Napolean Bonaparte
22. Cyrus McCormick
23. Samuel B. Morse
24. I.M. Singer JOE
25. Alexander Graham Bell
26. Adam Smith JUSTIN
27. Karl Marx ETHAN
28. Charles Darwin
29. Dowager Empress Cixi SABRINA
30. Emperor Mutsuhito
31. Kaiser Wilhelm II
32. Woodrow Wilson CHAU
33. Georges Clemenceau
34. Joseph Stalin DULCE
35. Rasputin SORIANO
36. Leon Trotsky
37. Vladimir Lenin K. NGUYEN
38. Adolf Hitler K. HALEY
39. Benito Mussolini JUAN
40. Winston Churchill RACHELLE
41. Charles de Gaulle
42. George Patton
43. Yamamoto
44. Douglas MacArthur
45. Anne Frank CORONA
46. Simon Weisenthal
47. Dwight D. Eisenhower
48. Harry Truman
49. Mao Zedong
50. Jiang Jieshi
51. Ho Chi Minh
52. Fidel Castro FERNANDO
53. Ayatollah Khomeini
54. Leonid Brezhnev
55. Richard Nixon LUIS
56. John F. Kennedy CARLOS
57. Gandhi RICHARDS
58. Muhammad Ali Jimhay ALMA
Example Biographical Infographics Below!

What are the structures of a good infographic?